Joaquim Chancho. foto: © C. Bosch. 2005





Born in Riudoms, Tarragona.

Studied up to 1967 at the Escola Superior of Belles Arts Sant Jordi (Fine arts School) of Barcelona. Nominated for the "Premio a la Pintura Joven" (Young Painters’ Prize), offered by the Sala Parés in Barcelona. Architectural landscapes and arboreal themes; constructive elements with dense, pigmented brushstrokes.

First individual exhibition at the Centre de Lectura of Reus (Reus Reading Centre). Material paintings, informalist and Tàpies influences. Movements towards a non-retinian painting.

Spent a period in Paris with a scholarship from the Castellblanch Art Foundation of Barcelona. First pictorial representations based on the interpolation of the gesture in geometry.
Opened a study in Barcelona, near the Santa Caterina Market.

Received a scholarship from the Juan March Foundation in Madrid. Publication of the book A, by the Industrial Engineering School of Barcelona. Series of linear transformations based upon successive sequences or cyclical series of images. Sign and calligraphic elements.

Took part in “Pintura 1”,at the Miró Foundation in Barcelona. Canvasses, large format papers, paintings that go outside the physical space of the support and occupy the floor.

Long period of crisis. The sign links occupy the surface with no apparent order. He withdraws to his study. Abandons traditional wall-based supports and works in books and notepads in a prolonged attempt to start anew. Starts the series called Treballs de taula (Table works). Opens a photomechanical workshop.

Closes the photomechanical workshop. First painting prize of the "Biennial of the Provincial Government of Tarragona".
Takes part in Spanish Art in the Caixa de Pensions Foundation Collection, of the Cultural Centre of the “La Caixa” Foundation in Barcelona. Begins work in co-operation with the Escola Eina (Tool school) in Barcelona, up until 1997. Circles, ovals, expansive curves that embrace the surface of the picture. The rapid drying of the procedure conditions the speed of the taking of pictorial decisions.

Doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Titular Professor of the University of Barcelona in the Faculty of Fine Arts. As the painting settles, the procedure takes longer. Time is suspended between thought and gesture. Tiempo sobre tiempo (Time on Time). Verticals and horizontals: the two-dimensional nature of the pictorial surface.

Spends periods in his house in El Pla de Santa Maria (Tarragona, Spain). Chromatic and light reconsiderations of the internal spaces and, at the same time, ordering and modification of the open spaces, and a spatial integration (internal space/ external space) returns him to the fundamental aspects of painting. Takes part in “Surface and Colour. Painting in the seventies in Barcelona”, at the MACBA, Barcelona.

Exhibition “Tempo 1995-1998”, at the Santa Mònica Art Centre in Barcelona.

Professorship in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona.Reticles and screens that expand and withdraw, deconstructing the two-dimensional nature of the painting. Long and intense periods of assessment of work on paper.

Takes part inEls límits de la percepció” at the Joan Miró Fundation, Barcelona.

Tiempo sobre Tiempo (Time on Time) 1997-2003”, at the Caja de Burgos Art Centre, CAB Burgos.

“Prospective 1973-2003”, at the Tecla Sala Metropolitan Cultural Centre of l’Hospitalet, Barcelona and the Caixa de Tarragona Foundation in Tarragona. First exhibition to review the three decades of this pictorial career.
“Joaquim Chancho, un clàssic contemporani. 35 anys de dibuixos i pintures” at the Museu de Montserrat. An exhibition that traces the relationship between the early small formats drawings and large scale paintings from the first decade of 2000.

“Joaquim Chancho, dibuixos de paret” in the Museu de Pintura de Sant Pol de Mar. Drawings that will be erased once the exhibition is over, in response to the need to reiterate the provisionality of all our acts… zig-zag drawings like rays of flashes of lightening, the hours and the days that are temporary and ephemeral.

Towards the end of the nineties he concentrates his paintings in the studio of El Pla de Santa Maria, en Tarragona. The isolation and intensity of the painting process reaffirms the conceptual aspects of his paints during these last few years.
“Seqüències 2006-2009” in theVolart2 space of Fundació Vila Casas of Barcelona, presents a series of larges format paintings and drawings.

"Joaquim Chancho. Al llindar de la geometria. 1969-2010" Casal Solleric, Palma. A retrospective tracing the last 40 years of drawings and paintings.

Publication of the monograph "Movements of Painting" by Viena Editions and the Provincial Government of Tarragona